A Qualitative Approach for using '99 Korean Top Ten Pieces of News of the Environmental Field in the Environmental Issue Education

99년 한국의 10대 환경 뉴스'의 환경 쟁점 수업에의 활용 가능성 고찰

  • Published : 2000.12.01


Korean civil and environmental organizations had selected and announced ‘The top ten pieces of news in the environmental field of the year’ on Dec. 2, 1999. This study investigated the possibilities that these could be used as subject matters of environmental curriculum and infused into the environmental textbook of secondary schools, referring to documents and internet materials. The top ten pieces of environmental news could be clarified as controversial topics. The locality was analyzed that 2 pieces occurred mainly in a specific area, 4 pieces in several areas and 4 pieces around all over the country. Most of them had the opposing partners as the federal and local governmental vs. civil organizations and people. Each of them could be used as subject matters for 7 to 13 contents domains of the 6th and 7th Korean environmental curriculum. The knowledge of most of them had related counterpart concepts to be infused into the ‘Environmental Science’textbook for the high school students. The results suggested that more concerns and efforts are needed to deal and use these controversial issues as real world problems of Korea in the environmental education practices