Genetic Diversity of Korean Cyanobacteria determined by DNA polymorphisms within the Phycocyanin Locus

Phycocyanin locus내의 DNA Polymorphism에 의한 한국산 Cyanobacteria의 유전적 다양성

  • Published : 2000.12.01


The genetic diversity among Korean cyanobacteria was assessed by restriction fragment length polymorphism(RFLP) analysis of PCR products from the phycocyanin locus. Strains of all the genera tested were successfully amplified, and the size of amplified fragments was approximately 700bp. The restriction patterns generated by AluI, MspI, and HaeIII were conserved for strains within each of genera studied and were specific to the genus level. Intrageneric delineation of strains was revealed by the enzyme, CfoI for members of genera Anabeana and Synechocystis. Phenogram derived from the different RFLP patterns revealed a coherent cluster among Anabeana, Chlorogloea, and Synechocystis strains. PC-RFLP methods provided useful tools for classification of cyanobacteria.


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