The Effect of Cement Milk Grouting on the Deformation Behavior of Artifcial Rock Joints

시멘트현탁액 주입에 의한 신선한 암석절리의 역학적 특성 변화

  • 김태혁 (대본엔지니어링 터널팀) ;
  • 이정인 (서울대학교 지구환경시스템공학부)
  • Published : 2000.06.01


Grouting has been practiced as a reliable technique to improve the mechanical properties of rock mass. But, the study of ground improvement by greeting is rare especially in jointed rock mass. In this study, joint compression test and direct shear test were performed on pure rock joint and cement milk grouted rock joint to examine the grouting effect on the property of rock joint. In the pure rock joint compression test, joint closure varied non-linearly with normal stress. But after cement milk grouting, the normal deformation characteristics of the joint was linear at the low normal stress level. As normal stress increased. deformation of the sample rapidly increased due to the stress concentration at the joint asperities. Peak shear strength of the grouted joint in low normal stress was higher than that of non-grouted joint due to the cohesion, decreased exponetially as the grout thickness increased. Thus after cement milk grouting, the failure envelope modified to a curve that has cohesion due to grout material hydration with decreased friction angle. Shear stiffness and peak dilation angle of the grouted joint decreased as the grout thickness increased. The peak shear strength from the direct shear test on grouted rock joint was represented by an empirical equation as a fuction of grout thickness and roughness mean amplitude.


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