A study on management efficiency for the Hotel & Restaurant Banquet Service.

호텔레스토랑의 메뉴선택요인에 대한 실증적 연구 (이태리레스토랑을 중심으로)

  • 류경민 (유성호텔, 혜전대 산업체)
  • Published : 2000.08.01


A few years ago, hotel service was not usual to the people very much but it's normally usual only for the higher-grade people. However now a days, it's expected that hotel service is universal one with changing of life style. It's rising to use hotel with being on the increasing of the international alternating so that the banquet service can be expected as the much more important service point of hotel. At the same time there are much more chances to participate in the personal parties and meetings. That means the demand is increasing than before. So every hotels are trying to promote the quality of the service, make renovation and suggest the specially distinguished service in comparison with the other hotels so as to get the banquet customers. Actually the sales amount from the banquet in the hotel can be said the biggest one in these days. That's why we cannot help thinking it the very important point at the hotel service. So we would 1ike to suggest the best way of managing hotel banquet service more efficiency and would like to find out how we can serve the higher quality service to the banquet customers in order them to make feel more satisfactory.