The Development of Hydraulic-Coupling Experimental Apparatus Using Brake Load and Prediction of Torque Performance

브레이크 부하를 이용한 유체커플링 실험장치 개발과 토크 성능 예측

  • Published : 2000.05.01


The hydraulic couplings have been widely used in industries, automobile, and power-station drives including ships. A mathematical analysis by which the design and application of hydraulic couplings are made is used in conventional design formulae and general roto-dynamic theories. The fluid flow of hydraulic couplings can be considered to have two component, one circumferentially about the coupling axis, and the other passing fluid from the pump to the turbine in the plane of the coupling axis. Tests have been carried out on the full-scale production coupling. The performance test consists of taking measurement of torque of the fluid coupling for three different amount of working fluid inside with various loads to the output shaft. The purpose of this research is to construct the experimental test equipments and to establish a series of performance test for the domestically developed hydraulic couplings, and to obtain experimental results which can be used to improve the performance of the hydraulic coupling and to solve the practical problems confronted in operation.


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