Analysis on the Crashworthiness of the Full Rake Korean Electric Multiple Unit Train

한국형 표준전동차 전체차량의 충돌안전도 해석 연구

  • Published : 2000.03.01


In this paper, numerically evaluated is the crashworthiness of the new design of the standard Korea Electric Multiple Unit Train(K-EMU)[developed by the Korea Railway Research Institute]. The 4-car consist of K-EMU is analyzed under collision conditions such as normal coupling, heavy shunting, light collision and heavy collision to collide against another stationary one at 5 kph, 10 kph, 25 kph and 32 kph, respectively. Energy absorbing capacity of its draftgear commercially available in the market and to be equipped in K-EMU is evaluated under each collision condition. Analytical results show that draftgear only is not enough to provide necessary energy absorbing capacity. It is therefore concluded that additional energy absorbers like mechanical fuses should be adopted to improve the crashworthiness of K-EMU.