Vibration Characteristics and Prediction of Railroad Track Supporting Structures

궤도지지구조물의 진동특성과 예측

  • Published : 2000.06.01


In this study, field measurements of vibration on the structures supporting railroad track were performed. The vibration data obtained were analyzed to find out any correlation between its magnitude and several factors such as type of bridges, distance from the track, type of train, frequency characteristics, etc. As a result, the magnitude of vibration turned out to be the highest in the steel bridge, the concrete bridge and steel-concrete combined bridge were the next in descending order. It was also found that the dynamic characteristics of ground were the most important factors among several affecting vibration near by the railroad track. And the empirical ground vibration estimation equation for estimating ground vibration was developed. The proposed equation with respect to distances from the railroad could be easily used for the estimation of ground vibration at the residential areas nearby the track.