Influence of Ventilation on the Subway Radon Level

환기에 의한 지하 역의 라돈농도 변화

  • Published : 2000.06.01


Modern people stay at indoor places about 90% of a day. Radon-222 is a gas produced by the radioactive decay of the element radium. And, radon is one of the major indoor air pollutants. Radon moves into the underground space through various routes and is considered to cause lung cancer by hurting the lung tissues. In this study, we measured the subway radon level at 9 stations of 3 lines. According to test results, we can figure out the concentration of radon by lines, times, and measuring points. So, it was found that ventilation conditions are the most important factors in the subway air quality. Finally, we suggested effective and economic management methods of air pollution in the subway.