Physicochemical and Sensory Properties of Turnip Kimchi during Fermentation

품종별 순무 김치의 이화학적ㆍ관능적 특성

  • Published : 2000.12.01


Physicochemical and sensory properties of turnip kimchi prepared with traditional two cultivars were examined during fermentation at 0$\^{C}$ Greater decrease in pH and reducing sugar content, and higher increase of acidity' was observed in green-colored turnip kimchi than red-colored one. Lactobacilli number of green one was greater than that of red one. Antocyanin content increased upto day 45-50 and then decreased, the anthocyanin content of red one was higher than that of green one. The Hunter color L and a values increased gradually upto day 30 and then decreased, and the a value of green one was lower than that of red one. The hardness, fracturability and chewiness of turnip, determined by texture analyser, decreased during fermentation, and the values of textural parameters were smaller than those of red one. Sensory evaluation showed that the scores of 'sour odor', 'sour taste, 'sweet taste', 'savory taste, and carbonate taste' of green one were higher than those of red one, but the scores of 'hardness', 'fracturability' and 'chewiness' were lower than those of red one. Meanwhile there were no difference in 'juiciness'. Score of 'over-all acceptability' of green one was the highest with 8.8-8.9 on day 30, 40 and 45, but the score of red one was the highest with 8.5-9.1 at day 40 and 45. On the 70th day, this score of green one decreased to 2.2, but the red one maintained 6.3 on the 70th day of fermentation.