Design and Application of Magnetic Damper for Reducing Rotor Vibration

회전체 진동 감소를 위한 마그네틱 댐퍼의 설계 및 응용

  • Published : 2000.02.01


In this study, active control magnetic actuator for reducing vibration of rotor system is performed. Identification, modeling, simulation, control system design, and evaluation of active magnetic damper system have been researched. Power amplifier modeling, connected magnetic actuator and augmented by system identification, is included to establish a magnetic damper simulation which provides close performance correspondence to the physical plant. A magnetic actuator, digital controller using DSP(Digital Signal Processor), and bipolar operational power supply/amplifiers are developed to show the effectiveness of reducing rotor vibration. Also the curve fitting procedure to obtain the transfer function of frequency dependent components is developed. Two kinds of test are executed as sliding and oil bearing. Results presented in this paper will provide a well-defined technical parameters in designing magnetic damper system for the proposed rotor.


Magnetic Damper;Rotor Active Control;DSP Control;Oil Bearing;Curve Fitting


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