Computer Simulation of Deformation Behavior of the Rubber Diaphragm

고무 다이아프램의 변형거동 전산해석

  • Published : 2000.03.31


A rubber diaphragm is a critical element of accumulators. The material of a diaphragm is nitrile rubber so as to recover and adjust the large deformation under external pressure fluctuation. The performance of accumulators is influenced by the deformation behaviors of the diaphragm. A large deformation behavior of the diaphragm has been investigated using the commercial finite element program MARC K7.1. The several elastic moduli have been used in linear analysis and Ogden's coefficients have been used in non-linear analysis. As a result, it has been shown that the deformation behavior with a elastic modulus of $0.3 kg/mm^2$ is similar to the behavior of non-linear analysis. And, the modified diaphragm shape to reduce the stress concentration has been proposed.