A Study on the High Performance Waterborne Epoxy Resin for Surface Coating

표면 코팅을 위한 고성능 수용성 에폭시 수지에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2000.06.30


Waterborne epoxy resins have been developed in order to meet environmental regulations for reduction of the emission of organic solvents from coating industry As each generation has filled a performance gap in the previous technology, new waterborne epoxy resin has developed. Initially, waterborne epoxy resins were used primarily on masonry, but the subsequent generations have found utility for the protection of metallic substrates as well. Indeed, the third generation systems have been formulated to produce the high performance industrial maintenance primers which possess the desirable combination of good corrosion resistance and low volatile organic compound levels. This paper outlines the important guidelines for formulating waterborne epoxy primers from waterborne epoxy resin that has recently developed in our company. The importance of using the appropriate resin-curing agent system at the optimized epoxy to amine ratio is stressed.