A Study on Impact Sound Insulation Properties of EPDM Micro Cellular Pad

에틸렌-프로필렌-디엔 삼원 공중합 (EPDM) 발포체의 충격음 저감 특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2000.06.30


In order to investigate the possibility of EPDM micro cellular pad (MCP) as an impact sound insulation product, we studied static/dynamic properties and vibration transfer characteristics of EPDM MCP depending on shape, thickness, degrees of foaming by using material test system (MTS) and lab scale mock-up test apparatus. Static/dynamic rigidity is increased when shape is simple. thickness and degrees of foaming low. We could see that dynamic stiffness is proportional to the transmissibility of EPDM MCP. When dynamic stiffness is increased, characteristic peak at transmissibility curve moves high frequency range or snows increase of maximum value of transmissibility. For lab scale mock-up test and finite element method, EPDM MCP shows low vibration velocity and superior mode shape to just concrete plus slab structure. We could confirm that possibility of EPDM MCP as a impact sound insulation product is high.