A Study on the Low Temperature Retraction of NR

가황천연고무의 저온 회복력에 관한 연구

  • Yun, Jun-Ho (Department of Polymer Science & Engineering, SungKyunKwan University) ;
  • Kim, Tae-Ho (Department of Polymer Science & Engineering, SungKyunKwan University)
  • 윤준호 (성균관대학교 응용화학부 고분자 시스템 전공) ;
  • 김태호 (성균관대학교 응용화학부 고분자 시스템 전공)
  • Published : 2000.12.31


Low temperature retraction characteristics were investigated on the cured natural rubber with various ratios of crosslinking agents, filler and additives. The cured natural rubber product was elongated about 200% at $-40^{\circ}C$ for 24 hours and then retracted. In a definite range, the retraction was increased as the sulfur to accelerator ratio increased and as the filler contents decreased. The retraction was maximum for a definite range of amount of accelerators, plasticizer and activator. Adding some peroxide additively retraction characteristics improved and curing time got longer.