Inter-laboratory Comparison for Analyses of Heavy Metals and Organic Solvent Metabolites in Biological Samples

생체시료 중 중금속 및 유기용제 대사물 분석의 실험실간 정도관리 프로그램

  • Received : 1999.10.01
  • Published : 2000.04.25


The result of five year's experience on Inter-laboratory Comparison for Analyses of Heavy Metals and Organic Solvent Metabolites in Biological Samples was described. Since 1995, around a hundred laboratories in the Occupational Health have participated this program twice per year by the Industrial Safety and Health Law. Four metals in blood and five organic solvent metabolites in urine were examined. Reference samples were made by spiking standard materials to human blood or urine pools treated previously to give homogeneity and stability for a specific time periods. Some reference samples for organic solvent metabolites were made from workers' urine who were exposed to the organic solvents. Some items such as Lead in blood and Hippuric acid in urine showed good accordance between participants while the other items such as Mercury and N-methylformamide in urine showed poor proficient rate. The results were published in the internet or newspaper to help the consumer of the laboratory's service to get the information on them and to make competition between them. The inter-laboratory's comparison program have done greate role to improve the ability of analysis and reliability of analytical data produced from each laboratory.


Inter-laboratory;Quality control;Heavy metal;Organic solvent;Biological monitoring


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