The Properties of Carbonaceous Desiccant Derived from Phenolic Resin

페놀레진으로부터 유도된 탄소질 수분 흡수제의 특성

  • Received : 2000.03.09
  • Published : 2000.06.25


The study on the nitrogen adsorption, surface properties and water adsorption capacity of the carbonaceous desiccants derived from phenolic resin was carried out. In the nitrogen adsorption study on the carbonaceous desiccants, Type II isotherm for each sample was obtained. Furthermore, the adsorbed volume decrease with water washing of the desiccant. The $S_{BET}$ of the carbonaceous desiccants was $648.7m^2/g$ before washing and $189.3m^2/g$ after washing, respectively. The morphology of needlelike formation before washing and spherical particle after washing with water were observed from SEM micrographs. Finally, from the water adsorption effects, the percentage of the water loading capacity was 25-63%, and the capacity was good at relatively low humidity.


nitrogen adsorption;surface property;water adsorption capacity;carbonaceous desiccants;phenolic resin;SEM


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