Certification and Quality Control of the Official Test Facilities of Dioxins in Korea

국내 다이옥신 측정분석기관 지정 및 정도관리

  • Received : 2000.07.26
  • Published : 2000.10.25


The concentration of dioxins from flue gases of municipal waste incineration facilities with capacities over 50 tons/day are regulated by the guideline: $0.1ng-TEQ/Nm^3$ for new facilities, and $0.5ng-TEQ/Nm^3$ for existing facilities and it will be strengthened to $0.1ng-TEQ/Nm^3$ until 2003 year. Dioxins from these incineration facilities have to be measured more than 2 times annually by the Official Test Facilities of Dioxins. Seven institutions have been certified so far as the Official Test Facilities of Dioxins. These facilities have to be evaluated by the quality control program provided by National Institute of Environmental Research every year. We reported the results of quality control test performed in 1999. Four institutions certified in 1998 sampled flue gases at stack of M incineration facilitiy and analyzed dioxins by Official Methods of Air Pollution. The isokinetic coefficients, the parameter for evaluation of sampling ability were excellent for all four institutions. They were 100.9%, 102.4%, 102.1% and 99.2%, respectively. The criteria required are as follows; resolution over 10,000, mass calibration within ${\pm}5ppm$, ion abundance ratio within 15%, and the recovery of 50-120%. As results, those institutions also met these parameters of Official Method of Air Pollution.


  1. Korean Official Method of Air Pollution Ministry of Environment(MOE)
  2. Compilation of EU Dioxin Exposure and Health Data European Commission DG Environment
  3. Enforcement regulation of section 1 of article 24 of Waste Management Ministry of Environment (MOE)
  4. Estabilished rule of National Institute of Environmental Research National Institute of Environment (NIER)