Simulation of Solar and Ambient-air-assisted Heat Pump

태양열 및 외기 열원식 히트펌프 시스템 시뮬레이션

  • Published : 2000.12.31


Thermal performance of a SAAHPS (Solar and Ambient-air-assisted Heat Pump System) located in KIER is simulated with TRNSYS 14.2. The SAAHPS is composed of dual evaorators, each of which is used as a solar fluid heat source and an air fluid heat source. Polynomial coefficients data for the SAAHPS is supplied with Frigosoft, a program widely used for heat pump modeling. In general, collector area and storage volume are 2 key parameters in SAAHPS thermal performance. A parametric study is performed in this study to assess sensitivity of collector area and storage volume in SAAHPS. We concluded that firstly collector area and storage volume are the primary variables in SAAHPS thermal performance, secondly COP of SAAHPS is higher than that of conventional heat pumps. Therefore. collector efficiency can be enhanced swith SAAHPS during a heating season.