Velocity and Temperature Visualization of Air Convection in Differently Heated Rectangular Cavity with Upper Channel

상부채널을 갖는 사각공간에서 열유속 변화에 따른 공기대류의 속도와 온도 가시화

  • Lee, C.J. (Department of Architectural Machine Equipment Sydtem)
  • 이철재 (동명대학 건축기계설비시스템과)
  • Published : 2000.12.31


An experimental study was carried out in a cavity with upper channel and square heat surface by visualization equipment with Mach-Zehnder interferometer and laser apparatus. The visualization system consists of 2-dimensional sheet light by Argon-Ion Laser with cylindrical lens and flow picture recording system. Instant simultaneous velocity vectors at whole field were measured by 2-D PIV system(CACTUS'2000). Obtained result showed various flow patterns. Severe unsteady flow fluctuation within the cavity are remarkable and sheared mixing layer phenomena are also found at the region where inlet flow is collided with the counter-clockwise rotating main primary vortex. Photographs of Mach-Zehnder are also compared in terms of constant heat flux.