Lindley Type Estimators with the Known Norm

  • Baek, Hoh-Yoo (School of Mathematical Science, Wonkwang University)
  • Published : 2000.04.30


Consider the problem of estimating a $p{\times}1$ mean vector ${\underline{\theta}}(p{\geq}4)$ under the quadratic loss, based on a sample ${\underline{x}_{1}},\;{\cdots}{\underline{x}_{n}}$. We find an optimal decision rule within the class of Lindley type decision rules which shrink the usual one toward the mean of observations when the underlying distribution is that of a variance mixture of normals and when the norm ${\parallel}\;{\underline{\theta}}\;-\;{\bar{\theta}}{\underline{1}}\;{\parallel}$ is known, where ${\bar{\theta}}=(1/p){\sum_{i=1}^p}{\theta}_i$ and $\underline{1}$ is the column vector of ones.


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