The Effects of Nitrite Treatment on the Lipid Composition, Fatty Acid Composition, and Susceptibility to Oxidation of Pork Biceps Femoris Muscle

  • Han, S.K. (Department of Chemistry and Technology of Animal Products, Faculty of Miyazaki University) ;
  • Yamauchi, K. (Department of Chemistry and Technology of Animal Products, Faculty of Miyazaki University)
  • Received : 2000.04.22
  • Accepted : 2000.06.30
  • Published : 2000.12.01


The purpose of this experiment was to investigate the antioxidant effect of nitrite on total, neutral, and polar lipids and fatty acid composition in laboratory-cooked ground pork. Muscle samples (Biceps femoris) were analyzed using Iatroscan, gas chromatography, phosphorus content, and TBARS value. The total and neutral lipid contents of muscle were higher in nitrite-untreated meat (0 ppm) than in nitrite-treated meat (100 ppm) but the reverse was observed for polar lipid contents. The results for neutral lipids showed a similar trend when compared with total lipids. Polyunsaturated fatty acids contents of total, neutral and polar lipid in 100 ppm treated meat were higher than that of 0 ppm. The phosphorus content was higher in 100 ppm meat than in 0 ppm but the reverse was observed for TBARS value. These results showed that the addition of 100 ppm nitrite to ground pork resulted in a remarkable antioxidant effect during refrigeration storage.


Antioxidant Effect;Lipid Components;Fatty Acid;Phosphorus Content;TBARS Value

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