Diagnosis and Treatment of Patient with Radiopaque Material in Temporomandibular Joint : Case Report

측두하악관절 내에 방사선 불투과성 물질을 가지 환자의 진단과 치료 : 증례보고

  • Yang, Dong-Gul (Department of Oral Medicine, College of Dentistry, Yonsei University) ;
  • Choi, Jong-Hoon (Department of Oral Medicine, College of Dentistry, Yonsei University) ;
  • Kim, Chong-Youl (Department of Oral Medicine, College of Dentistry, Yonsei University)
  • 양동걸 (연세대학교 치과대학 구강내과학 교실) ;
  • 최종훈 (연세대학교 치과대학 구강내과학 교실) ;
  • 김종열 (연세대학교 치과대학 구강내과학 교실)
  • Published : 2000.06.30


A 69-year-old male pateint was admitted for discomfort on right temporomandibular joint during opening, closing and chewing that started few months ago. The patient had no special medical history except for lung tuberculosis approximately 30 years ago and nothing specific appeared on a physical exam taken 2 months ago. Clinical tests show that mouth opening of 53mm which was normal and no joint sound, deviation, pain during opening. But tenderness to palpation on Rt masseter muscle and pain existed on Rt temporomandibular joint during loading test on the right joint. No pain existed during resistance test and protrusion and range of lateral movement was normal. Rt temporomandibular joint was not swollen and no palpable mass was observed. No previous trauma history to the face existed. On X-ray calcific material existed in the joint cavity and on CT image, approximately 2mm sized calcific material appeared on the Rt temporomandibular joint but no change in bone appeared on the condyle nor the temporal bone. The patient was diagnosed as loose body, and the symptoms were relived after 2 physical therapies and is under regular check ups. The purpose of this case is to review disease that cause loose bodies.