가압 분무실내 스프레이 충돌판에서 나타나는 비정상 열전달 측정에 관한 연구

Cho, Chang-Kwun;Lee, Yeol;Koo, Ja-Ye

  • 발행 : 2000.01.01


An experimental investigation on transient heat transfer phenomena of impinging diesel-spray on a flat plate in a pressurized chamber is carried out. A diesel spray is injected from a single-hole nozzle and impinges to a heated flat plate in the chamber. A fast-response thermocouple installed in the top surface of the plate measures the transient variation of surface temperature of the plate under various conditions of the chamber pressures. Utilizing the semi-infinite model, the temporal variation of the heat flux on the plate is determined. Effects of various parameters, such as vertical distances between the nozzle and the plate, radial distances from the injection-axis, and the chamber pressures, on the heat flux characteristics of impinging diesel-spray are studied.


비정상 열전달;고속응답열전대;충돌분무;연소실


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