Performance and Flow Characteristics of a Forward Swept Propeller Fan

전향 스윕 프로펠러 홴의 성능 및 유동특성

  • Published : 2000.01.01


Performance and flow characteristics of a small forward swept propeller fan for home refrigerators are studied experimentally. An unusual discontinuity is observed in the performance curve of the fan. Mean flow fields measured with as-hole Pitot probe reveal that the flow is axial at the high flow rate and radial at the low flow rate. The flow structure changes abruptly across the discontinuity. Unsteady flow measurements with a set of hot-wire probes indicate that near the discontinuity a single-cell stall rotates at 40% speed of the fan speed, while away from the discontinuity the flow shows periodic variation corresponding to the blade passage frequency. Phase-lock averaged flow fields measured with a triple-sensor hot-wire probe show that there appears radially inward flow over the pressure side of the blade and the outward passage flow over the tip.


Forward Swept Propeller Fan;Performance;Flow Field;Phase-Lock Average;Rotating Stall


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