샤워헤드 막냉각면에서의 온도장 및 막냉각효율 측정

Jeong, Chul-Hee;Lee, Sang-Woo

  • 발행 : 2000.02.01


Measurements of temperature fields and film-cooling effectiveness have been conducted for a shower-head film cooling on the leading edge of a blunt body, which simulates a first-stage turbine stator. In this study, three injection cases are employed for an average blowing ratio based on freestream velocity, M, of 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5. Two (Case 1), four (Case 2) and six (Case 3) rows of normal holes are symmetrically drilled on the three tested circular-cylinder leading edges. The measurements show that regardless of M, the film-cooling effectiveness increases as the injection row is situated at farther downstream location. In Case 1, the film-cooling effectiveness is highest for M = 0.5 and lowest for M = 1.5. On the contrary, in Case 3, the film-cooling effectiveness is highest for M = 1.0 and lowest for M = 0.5. When M = 0.5, the film coverage by the first row of the injection holes deteriorates as the number of the injection row increases. In particular, the film-cooling effectiveness due to the injection through the first row of the holes in Case 3, has a nearly zero value.


샤워헤드 막냉각;터빈 블레이드 선단;온도장;막냉각효율


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