Performance of Evaporation Heat Transfer Enhancement and Pressure Drop for Liquid Nitrogen

액체질소에 대한 증발 열전달 촉진 및 압력강하 성능

  • Published : 2000.03.01


An experiment was carried out to evaluate the heat transfer enhancement and the pressure drop characteristics for liquid nitrogen using wire-coil-insert technique under horizontal two-phase conditions. The tube inner diameters were 8 mm and 15 mm, respectively and the tube length was 4.7 m. The helix angle of the wire coil insert was $50^{\circ}$ and its length was 4.7 m. Heat transfer coefficients for both the plain and the enhanced test tubes were calculated from the measurements of temperatures, flow rates and pressure drops. A correlation in a power-law relationship of the Nusselt number, Reynolds number and Prandtl number for the heat transfer was proposed which can be available for design of cryogenic heat exchangers. The correlation showed that heat transfer coefficients for the wire-coil inserts were much higher than those for plain tubes, increased by more than $1.8{\sim}2.0$ times depending upon the range of the equivalent Reynolds number. The correlation was compared with other various correlations in the turbulent flow conditions.


Cryogenic Fluid;Cryogenic Heat Exchanger;Wire Coil Inserts;Volumetric Hydraulic Diameter


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