연소 유동장의 PIV 가시화 측정과 제반 문제들

Kim, Young-Han;Yoon, Young-Bin;Jeung, In-Seuk

  • 발행 : 2000.04.01


PIV(Particle Image Velocimetry) is a recently developed technique for visualizing the fluid velocity fields. Because it has several advantages over the LDV(Laser Doppler Velocimetry), it became one of the most popular diagnostic tools in spite of its short history. However, its application to combustion is restricted by some problems such as flame illumination, scattered light refraction, particle density variation due to heat release, the combined effect of abrupt change in particle density and fluid velocity on flame contour, and thermophoresis which is particle lagging due to temperature gradient. These problems are expected to be originated from the non-continuous characteristics of flames and the limitations of particle dynamics. In the present study, these problems were considered for the visualization of the instantaneous coaxial hydrogen diffusion flame. And the instantaneous flame contour was detected using particle density difference. The visualized diffusion flame velocity field shows its turbulent and meandering nature. It was also observed that the flame is located inside the outer shear layer and flame geometry is largely influenced by the vorticity.




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