레이저 유도 백열법을 이용한 화염 내부 매연 농도 측정

Lee, Seung;Lee, Sang-Hup;Lee, Byeong-Jun;Hahn, Jae-Won

  • 발행 : 2000.05.01


Laser induced incandescence (LII) method is frequently used to measure soot volume fraction in flames. In this study, experiments were performed to measure soot volume fraction in coaxial diffusion flame using LII method and calibrated with laser scattering/extinction method. The effects of laser intensity (>$1{\times}10^8W/cm^2$), laser wavelength (532nm, 1064nm) and detection wavelength (400nm, 600nm) on the LII signal were investigated. On the range of $4{\times}10^8{\sim}8{\times}10^8W/cm^2$ there were no effects of laser intensity on LII signal. Except these ranges, LII signal was increased with laser intensity. For the long gate width, the LII signals of the higher laser intensity (>${\vartheta}(GW/cm^2)$) cases had better correlation with soot volume fraction which were measured by laser extinction method compared with lower laser intensity cases. The errors of 2-dimensional cases at the calibration height were approximately 50% regardless of laser wavelength


레이저 유도 백열법;레이저 산란/감쇠법;매연 체적분율


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