흡기3밸브 실린더 헤드의 흡입 정상유동 특성에 관한 연구

Chung, Jae-Woo;Lee, Ki-Hyung;Kim, Woo-Tae

  • 발행 : 2000.06.01


Flow patterns and steady flow characteristics of an intake 3valve cylinder head are not obviously declared. Thus, in the study, the characteristics and limitation of intake flow coefficient which applied to multi intake valve engine are introduced. The flow coefficient and tumble characteristics are investigated by means of the steady flow test and flow visualization method. As the results, it is found that the intake flow rate is dominated by effective valve open area. In addition, this paper shows that the mass flow rate of intake 3valve engine is greater than that of intake 2valve engine and tumble flow of intake 3valve engine is superior to that of intake 2valve engine


흡입유량계수;정상유동실험;흡기 3밸브;가시화


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