Analysis of Transient Characteristics of a Steam Power Plant System

증기발전 시스템의 과도상태 특성 해석

  • Published : 2000.07.01


Transient characteristics of a boiler and turbine system for a steam power plant are simulated. One-dimensional unsteady models are introduced for each component. An interaction between boiler and turbine and a control of the water level in the drum are taken into account. Transient responses of the system to the variations of main system variables such as fuel and air flow rate, cooling water injection rate at the attemperator, gas recirculation rate at the furnace and opening of the turbine control valve are examined. Effect of fluid inertia and tube wall thermal inertia on predicted dynamic behavior is investigated.


Boiler;Steam Turbine;Transient Characteristics;Fuel;Attemperator;Gas Recirculation;Control Valve;Inertia


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