An Experimental Study on Flow and Heat / Mass Transfer Characteristics of $LiBr-H_2O$ Solution Flowing over a Cooled Horizontal Tube

수평 냉각관 외부를 흘러내리는 $LiBr-H_2O$ 수용액의 유동 및 열/물질 전달 특성에 관한 실험적 연구

  • Published : 2000.08.01


An experimental study was performed to examine the heat and mass transfer characteristics of $LiBr-H_2O$ solution flowing over a single horizontal tube with the water vapor absorption. Effects of the flow rate and the temperature of the solution at the top of the tube, the absorber pressure and the drainage pattern were considered. The absorption rate depends highly on the absorber pressure at the low flow rate condition while on the solution inlet temperature at the high flow rate condition. Also, when the flow rate is low, the absorption performance with the sheet flow drainage appeared to be higher than that with the dripping/jet drainage. However, at the high flow rate condition, the case became reversed. The liquid film became wavy with the higher absorption rate. The waves were more probable to form with the lower flow rate and temperature of the solution, and with the higher absorber pressure.


Absorption;$LiBr-H_2O$ Solution;Horizontal Tube;Liquid Film;Drainage Pattern


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