MIRA Notchback Reference Car 표면유동가시화



Chun, Chung-Hwan;Kim, Yong-Hwan;Cho, Kwang-Ryun;Roh, Sang-Kil;Lee, Eung-Ho

  • 발행 : 2000.10.01


A surface flow visualization of a MIRA notchback reference car was conducted using a 1/4 -scale model in the POSTECH wind tunnel. The flow separation and reattachment phenomen a around A-pillar, C-pillar, backlight, and trunk were discussed with the help of the distributions of singular points such as nodes, saddles, and spiral foci. The locations of the singular points on the trunk and the backlight from experimental results are compared with those of CFD results using the turbulence modeling of RNG k -${\varepsilon}$ and RSM.


유동가시화;유동박리;풍동;MIRA 자동차


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