이상 회체가스 가중합산모델을 적용한 미분탄 연소의 수치적 연구

Yu, Myoung-Jong;Kang, Shin-Jae;Baek, Seung-Wook

  • 발행 : 2000.10.01


A numerical study on swirling pulverized coal combustion in an axisymmetric enclosure is carried out by applying the 2-phase weighted sum of gray gases model (WSGGM) approach with the discrete ordinate method (DOM) to model the radiative heat transfer equation. In the radiative transfer equation, the same polynomial equation and coefficients for weighting factors as those for gas are adopted for the coal/char particles as a function of partial pressure and particle temperature. The Eulerian balance equations for mass, momentum, energy, and species mass fractions are adopted with the standard and RNG k-${\varepsilon}$ turbulence model, whereas the Lagrangian approach is used for the particulate phase. The eddy-dissipation model is employed for the reaction rate for gaseous mixture, and the single-step and two-step first-order reaction model for the devolatilization process for coal. Special attention is given to establish the thermal boundary conditions on radiative transfer equation By comparing the numerical results with experimental ones, the radiation model used here is confirmed and found to provide an alternative for simulating the radiative transfer.


이상 회체가스 가중합산법;열적 비평형;미분탄 연소


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