A Study on the Measurement Uncertainty of Pipe Prover

파이프 프루버의 측정불확도에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2000.10.01


A pipe prover is a flowmeter calibrator used in flow measurement field. Gravimetric and volumetric methods were applied to determine the basic volume of the pipe prover. Uncertainty of its basic volume measurement was evaluated in accordance with the procedure recommended by International Organization for Standardization. The combined standard uncertainty of determining the basic volume was estimated from the sensitivity coefficient and the standard uncertainty of independent variables. It was found that the uncertainties of the weighing and volume measurements have dominant influence on that of the basic volume determination. With the quantitative analysis of the sensitivity coefficient, the contribution of the each variable uncertainty to the combined standard uncertainty of the basic volume is shown clearly.


Pipe Prover;Uncertainty;Flow Measurement;Calibration;Water Draw Method;Gravimetric Method;Volumetric Method;Sensitivity Coefficient


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