Temperature Field Measurement of Non-Isothermal Jet Flow Using LIF Technique

레이저형광여기(LIF)를 이용한 비등온 제트유동의 온도장 측정

  • Published : 2000.10.01


A 2-dimensional temperature field measurement technique using PLIF (Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence) was developed and it was applied to an axisymmetric buoyant jet. Rhodamine B was used as a fluorescent dye. Laser light sheet illuminated a two-dimensional cross section of the jet. The intensity variations of LIF signal from Rhodamine B molecules scattered by the laser light were captured with an optical filter and a CCD camera. The spatial variations of temperature field of buoyant jet were derived using the calibration data between the LIF signal and real temperature. The measured results show that the turbulent jet is more efficient in mixing compared to the transition and laminar jet flows. As the initial flow condition varies from laminar to turbulent flow, the entrainment from ambient fluid increases and temperature decay along the jet center axis becomes larger. In addition to the mean temperature field, the spatial distributions of temperature fluctuations were measured by the PLIF technique and the result shows the shear layer development from the jet nozzle exit.


LIF;Non-Isothermal Jet;Temperature Field


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