An Earnest Dream for Survival Development of Housing / Urban area -Reflection on Rebuilt ann Redevelopment conducts-

살만한 집(건축) .살만한 도시로의 꿈

  • 전상백 (건축구조기술사, 건축시공기술사, (주)한국종합건축대표)
  • Published : 2000.04.01


The rebuilt and redevelopment projects conducted these days surely have invited overpopulation. Its one of the culprits is the municipal ordinances which allow the floor to site area ratio to increase from 200% to 400% in a decade and the adjacent distance ratio from 1.25 to 0.8 times of height of building. Possible solutions for the overpopulation problem are as below. - The floor to site area ratio should be regulated adaptively according to various regional localities. - Draw back the capital gains coming from a rebuilding project For evaluation process; - Select a suitable plan from plurality of proposals - Gradually encourage projects towards remodeling system in the near future