National Comprehensive Planning of korea for 2020

2020년을 향한 국토의 청사진-제4차 국토종합계획의 내용과 특징-

  • 정무용 (도시계획기술사, (주)대한콘설탄트 전문이사)
  • Published : 2000.04.01


The 4th National Comprehensive Planning is a blueprint of national plan to be accomplished by the year 2020. This article indicates grounds of establishing the plan, characteristics and problems of the plan. Following is the principal contents which are treated in the article; 1st, strategy of constructing opened and combined land axis, 2nd, competency intensifying strategy by areas, 3rd, constructing health and pleasant national environment,4th, strategy for organizing express transportation and information network through the whole land, 5か, special features related building basis of cooperation interchange between North and South Korea. In the conclusion, although there were some problems through 3 times national comprehensive planning, this plan should be helpful to develop nation keeping balance for which construction and preservation would be harmonized appropriately.