A Proposal for Role and Mission of Chemical Engineering Professional Engineer in Pint Engineering Industry in the 21st Century

21세기 플랜트엔지니어링 산업에 있어서의 화공기술사의 기대와 역할

  • 차순철 (화학장치설비·화학공장설계·화공안전·소방설비·가스기술사, SK건설)
  • Published : 2000.10.01


It is about time for Korean plant engineering industry to evaluate what they have achieved in the past and to foresee how this industry will change in the future. Since the IMF infection in the late 1997, Korean engineering industry has become to realize how important it is to formulate plans and solutions in order to be successful in the EPC industry. Korean plant engineering has accomplished remarkable growth in terms of its sales volumes and sizes of petrochemical & refinery plants they have executed, but unfortunately they have not done a nice job of generating sufficient profits. Many Korean engineering companies have carried out million and billion dollars of "projects" where they unfortunately suffered deficits, and as a result, some companies actually went deteriorated and were merged, and acquired by bigger companies. Based on above philosophy, the ten(10) key factors are suggested regarding a proposal for role and mission of chemical engineering professional engineer in plant engineering industry in the 21\\\" century.