Studies on the Processing Functional Properities of Fish Meat by Cryogenic Crushing

냉동분쇄에 의한 어육의 가공기능성 연구

  • 이성갑 (식품기술사, 국립한경대학교 식품공학과, 한국식품기술사회, 농림부, 복지부) ;
  • 김연수 (식품기술사, 국립한경대학교대학원 식품공학과, (주)동희)
  • Published : 2000.10.01


In this study, effect of freezing and cryogenic crushing on physico-chemical characteristics of sardine, pollack and sqiud representative for domestic frozen fishery products was investigated and some product using them was tried to be prepared. Dehead and viscerated, washed fishes were subjection to freezing without air circulation and liquid N2 gas at -20$\^{C}$,-40$\^{C}$ and -80$\^{C}$, and then frozen fishes were crushed by hammermill, masscolloider and the product was stored added with anti-freeze such as sorbitol, phosphates, starch and egg Powder, qualify of frozen squid surimi was not changes during 70 days at below -20$\^{C}$ . The results of quality characteristics and sensory evaluation of patties and nugget which made from shattered squid and pollack were similar to commercial products in flavor, color and texture, but sardine meat was inferior to commercial products in flavor and color.