Pulsed Photostimulated Luminescence (PPSL) of Irradiated Importation Sesame and Perilla Seeds

방사선 조사된 수입 참깨, 들깨의 광여기 발광

  • Published : 2001.04.30


A study was carried out to establish a detection method for imported sesame and perilla seeds using pulsed photostimulated luminescence (PPSL) whether they have been irradiated or not. Samples were packed in polyethylene bags and irradiated at 1, 5, and 10 kGy with a dose rate of 10 kGy/h. The whole sample of sesame and perilla and the minerals separated from seeds were introduced in the sample chamber and measured PPSL photon counts for 60 and 120 s. The PPSL photon counts of samples increased with increasing irradiation dose and showed a higher correlation coefficients in separated minerals than in sesame and perilla seeds themselves. These results suggest that imported sesame and perilla seeds be possibly detected by both their whole sample and separated minerals by PPSL measurements.


Pulsed photostimulated luminescence (PPSL);detection;gamma irradiation;sesame and perilla seeds