Washing for Debittering of Brewers Yeast Slurry

맥주효모 슬러리의 쓴맛을 제거하기 위한 세척

  • Kim, Jae-Sik (Department of Food Science and Technology, Youngdong University)
  • 김재식 (영동대학교 식품공학과)
  • Published : 2001.04.30


The bitterness of brewers yeast slurry decreased by washing with mild caustic soda solution followed by washing with 0.85% (w/v) NaCl solution The higher concentration of caustic soda was, the lower the bitterness unit(BU) of washed yeast slurry was. The lethal rate of yeast cells increased. When the concentration of caustic soda solution increased from 0.05%(w/v) to 0.25%(w/v), the BU of brewers yeast slurry was decreased from 45 to 3, but yeast cells viability decreased from 93% to 0%. The optimum washing conditions of brewers yeast slurry were as follows: the concentration of caustic soda solution was $0.07{\sim}0.1%$(w/v) and the contact time of brewers yeast slurry with caustic soda was $10{\sim}20$ minutes. The similar washing effect was obtained when the brewers yeast slurry was washed with 20%(v/v) ethanol solution.