Characteristics of Color and Pungency in the Red pepper for Kimchi

김치제조용 고춧가루의 색도 및 매운맛 특성

  • Published : 2001.04.30


This study was carried out to investigate characteristics of the red peppers for Kimchi preparation. Four cultivars of Korean red pepper with different color value, ten brands of commercial red pepper powder produced at different areas and paprika with imported from Spain were collected. These sample were analyzed for proximate composition, color, capsaicinoid and sensory evaluation, etc. Proximate composition was moisture of 12.6-17.13%, ash of 5.11-8.93%, crude lipid of 7.68-12.81% and crude protein of 11.35-16.72%. Free sugar content showed two-times among samples, the lowest sample was 11.35%(Shintaein), whereas the highest sample was 21.06% (Koisan). Capsaicinoid content of cultivars showed the highest value Dabok with 75.49 mg% and the lowest value Gusung with 18.77 mg%. American Spice Trade Association(ASTA) value, it was indicated redness of red pepper, showed very wide range of values with 47.3-144.7. Correlation coefficient($R^2$) of ASTA value and $a^* $was 0.87, while $R^2$ of 0.05 between of ASTA value and capsaicinoid contents. In sensory attributes, Dongbang(0.87 mg%) and Gusung(0.43 mg%) were not significantly different, while Dabok(1.74 mg%) was significantly different from other smaples in lag time, overall intensity and duration. The difference threshold of hot taste and ASTA value was over 1.0 mg%(capsaicinod content), 70(ASTA value), respectively.