Isolation and Identification of Antimicrobial Active Substance from Mallotus japonicus Muell on Listeria monocytogenes

예덕나무로부터 Listeria monocytogenes 에 대한 항균 활성 물질의 분리 및 구조동정

  • Ahn, Yong-Seon (Faculty of Biotechnology(Food Science & Technology), Chonbuk National University) ;
  • Shin, Dong-Hwa (Faculty of Biotechnology(Food Science & Technology), Chonbuk National University) ;
  • Baek, Nam-In (Department of Agriculture, Kyung Hee University) ;
  • Seong, Rack-Seon (Department of Herbdrug Standardization, Korea Food & Drug Administration) ;
  • Woo, Gun-Jo (Division of Food Microbiology, Korea Food & Drug Administration)
  • 안용선 (전북대학교 응용생물공학부(식품공학 전공)) ;
  • 신동화 (전북대학교 응용생물공학부(식품공학 전공)) ;
  • 백남인 (경희대학교 농학과) ;
  • 성낙선 (식품의약품안전청 생약규격과) ;
  • 우건조 (식품의약품안전청 식품미생물과)
  • Published : 2001.04.30


Ethanol extracts from Mallotus japonicus Muell exhibited strong antimicrobial activities by paper disc diffusion method on the five strains of Listeria monocytogenes(ATCC 19111, ATCC 19112, ATCC 19113, ATCC 19114 and ATCC 15313). Ethanol extract from Mallotus japonicus Muell was subsequently fractionated by n-hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate and water. n-Hexane fraction of Mallotus japonicus Muell showed strong growth inhibition at concentrations as low as 20 ppm level in broth culture medium on the five strains of L. monocytogenes for 72 hr at $30^{\circ}C$. Single substance(M34-4-4) was isolated from n-hexane fraction of Mallotus japonicus Muell. M34-4-4 showed a bactericidal activity against L. monocytogenes at a concentration of 50 ppm level. The purified M34-4-4 was identified as linolenic acid by $^1H-NMR,\;DEPT-135\;and\;^{13}C-NMR$.