Production of Starch Vermicelli(Dangmyun) by Using Modified Corn Starches(II) -Physicochemical Properties of Starch Vermicelli(Dangmyun) made with Different Starches in Laboratory-

변성 옥수수 전분을 이용한 당면제조(II) -원료전분을 달리한 실험실 제조당면의 이화학적 특성-

  • Published : 2001.06.30


Physicochemical properties of starch vermicelli (Dangmyun) made with different starches in laboratory were determined to develop a modified corn starch comparable to sweet potato starch which is highly expensive than corn starch but commonly used for starch vermicelli in Korea. Initial temperatures (Ti) of gelatinization of starch vermicelli made in laboratory measured by differential scanning calorimeter, which were above $60^{\circ}C$, were higher than those of starch vermicelli in the market. Their X-ray diffraction peaks were relatively sharp compared with those of starch vermicelli in the market, which showed that starches were not completely gelatinized during the process of starch vermicelli preparation in laboratory. Initial temperature (Ti) of corn starch vermicelli was decreased by $3^{\circ}C$ by hydroxypropylation but increased by $2.5^{\circ}C$ by oxidation. Hardness and compression slope of sweet potato starch vermicelli and mungbean starch vermicelli, which were $11,726{\sim}12,555\;g/cm^2$ and $29,914{\sim}30,604\;g/cm^2$, respectively, were the highest in the samples and those of waxy corn starch were lowest. Hardness and compression slope of starch vermicelli made with corn starch slightly oxidized in the concentration of 0.5% NaOCl at pH 9.0, $40^{\circ}C$ for 30 min. increased and found to be comparable to those of sweet potato starch vermicelli.


starch vermicelli;dangmyun;modified starch