Changes in Microbiological and General Quality Characteristics of Gamma Irradiated Kanjang and Shoyu

감마선을 조사한 간장의 미생물 및 일반품질 특성

  • Published : 2001.06.30


The effect of gamma-irradiation on the microbiological and general qualities of Kanjang (fermented soy sauce, Korean type) and Shoyu (fermented soy sauce, Japanese type) was studied. Samples were prepared, irradiated at 5, 10 and 20 kGy, and then stored at $25^{\circ}C$ for 18 weeks. The results showed that the Bacillus spp. was inactivated by 3 log cycles with the irradiation dose of 10 kGy and the number of Bacillus cells that survived from 10 to 20 kGy of gamma irradiation was decreased gradually during storage. Yeasts and Lactobacillus were nearly eliminated at 5 to 10 kGy of irradiation. The $D_{10}$ values of Bacillus, yeast and Lactobacillus in Shoyu were 2.67 kGy, 0.81 kGy and 1.30 kGy, in Kanjang were 2.75 kGy, 0.99 kGy and 1.47 kGy, respectively. The general quality of gamma irradiated Shoyu and Kanjang, such as total nitrogen, amino nitrogen, protease activity and pH were more stable than that of control during storage periods. Decolorization was observed just after irradiation, but the color was recovered during storage. The sensory evaluations showed that irradiated samples were more acceptable. Therefore, it was considered that gamma irradiation was effective for maintaining better quality of Shoyu and Kanjang during storage.


Kanjang;Shoyu;gamma irradiation