Effect of Packaging Material and Oxygen Absorbant on Quality Properties of Yukwa

포장재질 및 탈산소재가 유과의 품질특성에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2001.12.01


Effects of packaging material and oxygen absorbant on physical and chemical properties of Yukwu were studied during storage to develop packaging conditions. The packaging materials used were PET/EVOH $(16\;{\mu}m)/PL$ : P1 and PET/EVOH $(24\;{\mu}m)/PL$ : P2 with or without oxygen absorbent (E1A : P1 and E2A : P2 for w/ $O_2$, absorbent, E1EA : P1 and E2EA : P2 for w/o $O_2$, absorbent). Color values for Yukwu indicated that L values of E1A, E1EA, E2A and E2EA were decreased during storage while those b values were increased. Hardness and chewiness of Yukwa were generally decreased, however those of E1A and E1EA were rather increased after 6 weeks of storage. Acid value of E2A had maintained less than 2.0 during 12 weeks of storage. E1A, E2A had the below of 20 in peroxide during 12 weeks. Aroma data by using electronic nose showed that there was no difference after 6 week storage time in different packaging materials. Sensory evaluation (Yukwa odor and rancid odor) showed very similar results with electronic nose one. E2A had the highest value of overall acceptability for sensory evaluation. Hardness and cheweness in physical measurement results had the highest correlation with hardness, crispness, overall-acceptability in sensory evaluation results.