Basic Studies on the Apoptosis Mechanism of Trichoplusia ni Cell Line

Trichoplusia ni 세포의 apoptosis 메커니즘 규명을 위한 기초연구

  • Published : 2001.02.28


To elucidate the apoptosis mechanism of Trichoplusia ni cell, fundamental studies for apoptosis induction and suppression were performed. Hygromycin B, a known inducer of apoptosis, started the inhibition of T. ni cell growth at $200\;{\mu}/ml$ concentration. Furthermore, at $400\;{\mu}/ml$ concentration, DNA fragmentation was detected on day 2 of incubation. Although both dexamethasone and sodium butyrate inhibited T. ni cell growth, DNA fragmentation was not detected by both treatments. Also, when apoptosis induced T. ni cells with $200\;{\mu}/ml$ hygromycin B were treated with caspase inhibitor (Ac-DEVD-CHO), the apoptotsis was suppressed by 36%. In addition, N-acetylcysteine, another apoptosis repressor, also inhibited the apoptosis of T. ni cells. In order to express the anti-apoptosis gene (bcl-2), T. ni cells were transiently transformed with bcl-2 and its expression was confirmed by western blot analysis. These results showed the potential of developing new insect cell lines with suppressed apoptosis.