수근관 증후군(carpal tunnel syndrome) 5례에 대한 증례 보고

Clinical Study on Five Cases of Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • 김일환 (동신대학교 순천한방병원 사상체질과)
  • Kim, Il-Hwan (Dept. of Sasang Constitutional Medicine, College of Oriental Medicine, Dongshin Univ.)
  • 발행 : 2001.12.30


Objective: The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of treating the carpal tunnel syndrome by using both the Herbal Acupuncture and herbal medicine therapy on five cases. Methods: For the Herbal Acupuncture, Jungseonguhhyul No. 1 and Hwanglyunhaedoktang were used. For the herbal medicine, Dangguihwalhyul-tang was used. The patients were treated once in every two days; the result was evaluated after ten treatments. Patients' conditions were monitored through their testimony, phalen's test, nerve conduction study and electromyography. Results: In all five cases, the patients showed improvement; in four cases, the patients no longer had most of the clinical symptoms. Based on the result of the nerve conduction study, for the four cases in which the patients no longer displayed most of the clinical symptoms, their nerve conduction rate improved; for the remaining one case, the patient's nerve conduction rate deteriorated. Conclusions: The results of this study demonstrate that combining the Herbal Acupuncture and herbal medicine therapy can have noticeable effects in treating the carpal tunnel syndrome; developing more variety of the herbal acupuncture would lead to even better treatment results.


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