Effects of Dried Persimmon Snacks on Alcohol Metabolism in Men

  • Published : 2001.03.01


Persimmon has been known to help alcohol intoxication in Korea for a long time and is prepared as a processed food. The effect of dried persimmon snacks on alcohol metabolism was determined in vivo. Eight Korean men (25~27 years old) were administered 3.5 mL/kg of alcohol (22.5%, w/v) with or without a dried persimmon snack (2g/kg). The levels of alcohol in the blood and of acetaldehyde in the blood and the urine were determined by alcoholmeter and assay using alcohol dehydrogenase and HPLC, respectively. All subjects showed decreased levels of alcohol in blood, and six subjects showed a decrease of alcohol in urine after consumption of ethanol with dried persimmon snacks. Concentration of acetaldehyde in the blood an urine decreased significantly in three and five of the eight subjects, respectively. Reduction was more significant for alcohol than for alcohol than for acetaldehyde with administration of ethanol and dried persimmon snacks. This in vivo result suggests that dried persimmon snacks are effective in decreasing th concentration of alcohol after alcohol intake.