Evaluation of Elastic Modulus in a Particulate Reinforced Composite by Shape Memory Effect

형상기억입자 강화 복합체의 탄성계수 평가

  • Published : 2001.01.01


The theoretical modeling to predict the modulus of elasticity by the shape memory effect of dispersed particles in a metal matrix composite was studied. The modeling approach is based on the Eshelbys equivalent inclusion method and Mori-Tanakas mean field theory. The calculation was performed on the TiNi particle dispersed Al metal matrix composites(PDMMC) with varying volume fractions and prestrains of the particle. It was found that the prestrain has no effect on the Yonugs modulus of PDMMC but the volume fraction does affects it. This approach has an advantage of definite control of Youngs modulus in PDMMCs.


Particle Dispersed Metal Matrix Composite;Shape Memory Effect;Eshelbys Equivalent Inclusion Method;Mori-Tanakas Mean Field Theory;Residual Stress;Youngs Modulus;Coefficient of Thermal Expansion;Prestrain;Eigenstrain


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